The McCollister Lane Story
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McCollister Lane is a small but growing company and the vision of three women, Ashley Crosby, Linda Reid and Kathie Cooper.  It began casually, doing things they love and that friends asked for; wedding florals and tablescapes, large parties planned and orchestrated, staging interior spaces, craft shows.  They quickly realized they loved doing things that help people add joy to their lives and that it could be done more effectively on a larger scale.  So, McCollister Lane was born. 

These three women are different from each other in many ways but are deeply connected to each other.  First, although maybe not most importantly, because they are family. But they are also connected  by having shared the common experiences which come from being close over a period of so many years. As we all know, moving through time together, enjoying the most wonderful and the most devastating, can bond you together like nothing else.

Their differences are reflected in the style of McCollister Lane and keep their company interesting and updated. Between the three of them, they are artists, crafters, floral designers, furniture painters and restorers, collectors, treasure hunters and lovers of all things vintage and "deserving of a second life". 


 What's in a name?  A note from Linda: 

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and admiration for those that have come before us. We stand here today, three women, Linda, Ashley and Kathie. We are family first, but also friends and partners. We are appreciative that our ancestors found their way to this place in North Florida we call home. The McCollister Lane story began long ago when our McCollister family members homesteaded the original 150 acres that began our family farm. It was 1892. The family settled in. Time passed. At some point a tiny portion of our land was donated to the county to make way for the local traffic and so the lane was named for our family. Times were much simpler when my sister Kathie and I were children and we have many happy memories of time spent on the farm learning the value of hard work and the joy that comes with family surrounding and supporting each other. Many afternoons we would walk that lane with our grandmother to see our great-grandfather. Sometimes we would pick blackberries along the way and make cobbler when we returned to her house. Other times we would make a race of it to see who would get to Grandpas house first. Today the lane is more traveled but the old memories are clear, almost as if they just happened. Our family is still on the homestead.   Kathie and I often share our fond memories with Ashley, who is her daughter and my niece. Our rural roots run deep and inspire a great respect for all that is natural and simple and loving. 

Several years ago Ashley, Kathie, and I started dreaming and planning towards being able to share our enthusiasm for rural living, home décor, and creating art, with others. It only made sense to us that this labor of love should be called ……

McCollister Lane
It's like a passageway through time.
Tying past to present,
present to future.
Awakening memories in us of things that were good and worthwhile -
holding the promise of all that is meaningful to come.