American Rose Compote – McCollister Lane
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American Rose Compote


Items in our Touched and Found Collection are one of a kind treasures that have been searched for and, in some special way, repurposed or enhanced to add character and beauty to them.  In most cases they are one of a kind and there is only one available. 

This Webster Wilcox International Silver American Rose Compote is lovely. In this case, we did not do anything to this piece except clean and polish it to bring out it's original beauty so we could pass it on to you.  There are so many ways this item can be used in design today.  For instance, wouldn't it be beautiful on your dresser holding your favorite jewelry?  Or in your living area as foundation for displaying other items like decorative ornaments or a birds nest?  So many ideas....Of coarse, you could also use it as originally intended - for serving fruits, nuts and candies.  FREE SHIPPING.

4.5" x 6.75" 

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